Step One 

You need to assess yourself what house unit will you buy, and how much it will cost, set your budget for monthly downpayment and amortization. You also need to put into consideration if it has a good investment potential or it can make your family happy and safe. Location is also important, you need to know if the project site is accessible to the major roads and public transportation. Security is another factor, you need to double check if the place is secured and safe. You also need to know if the subdivision is flood free and last, you need to know if the location of the subdivision is very accessible to wet markets, Malls, your children's school, community centers/establishment, and to you and your spouse's work place.

Step Two

If you are decided to buy a house in Terraverde Residences, you can contact our Licensed Real Estate Broker or Real Estate Agents to help you to get to the site you can ask them any questions about Terraverde Residences - Carmona, Cavite. They will assist you and give you an advice where is the best house unit location and the property that you choose to buy. They will also give you an information about the project site, the developer's long term goal for the site and the best financing that suites you. Your broker or your agent will give you the list of requirements that you need to fill up and submit to our developer in order for you to reserve the unit that you want. 

Step Three

Last step is about the buying process and the requirements. First, you need to complete the requirements before you can pay the option money/reservation fee. Reservation is a "First come, first serve basis". The earlier you can complete and submit the required documents, the earlier you can reserve. Once you reserved your desired unit, you can now start paying for your equity. Terra Verde Residences - Carmona, Cavite will start building houses approximately on November 2016 and the approximate time of turn over is 18 mos. Inspection of unit will take place if your unit is 100% complete, approved Pag-Ibig loan takeout, and complete required documents and payments. After inspection you can now accept your unit, and you can now move-in right away.

List of Requirements

1. CenQHomes Development Corporation List of requirements.

On your first tripping to the site, your broker or agent will give you the required documents that you need to filled out and to submit.

List of requirements must be dully filled out:

  • Billing Address Certification.
  • Letter of intent
  • Certificate of Employment and Compensation
  • Complete Breakdown of your salary including compensation
  • CenQHomes Development Corporation's Reservation Agreement
  • CenQHomes Development Corporation's Client Information Sheet
  • Printed "Google map" of the location of your house


  • Latest 1x1 ID picture (3pcs) - with signature at the back
  • Birth Certificate (for SINGLE applicants only)
  • Marriage Contract (if MARRIED)
  • Death Certificate (if WIDOW/ER)
  • Company ID
  • Primary IDs such as: SSS, GSIS, PRC/Driver's License, Voter's ID
  • HDMF Transaction Card / Loyalty Card
  • TIN
  • Brgy. Certificate of Residency / Proof of Billing (Must be named after the Principal Buyer/Applicant)
  • Approved Membership Status Verification Slip (MSVS)
  • ESAV/HDMF Official Receipt w/ MCRF
  • Subsidiary Ledger/HDMF Official Receipt w/ p2-4 


  • Latest 1 month original payslip
  • Certificate of Employment and Compensation
  •  Income Tax Return (Year____) / Certificate of No Tax Deduction
  • Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld or BIR 2316


  • Mayor's Permit/ Business Permit
  • Business Registration / DTI Registration
  • OR / CR (Official Receipt & Certificate of Registration of Vehicle)
  • Operator's Permit  (For TRICYCLE)
  • Income tax Return 1701 (Year_____) w/ Official Receipt of Tax Payment (Certified True Copy)
  • Business Location sketch and colored Picture,
  • Bank Statement / Photocopy of Passbook,


  • Latest Employment Contract (Duly authenticated)
  • If LAND BASED from Philippines consulate
  • If SEA BASED from POEA
  • Colored photocopy of Passport (all pages)
  • Latest ENTRY/EXIT (Colored Photocopy)
  • Special Power of Attorney (consularized/notarized)
  • 2 valid ID's of Attorney-In-Fact (AIF)
  • HDMF Receipt (Under POP) / ESAV
  • Photo Copy of OWWA / OEC (Proof of Membership)
  • Working Permit (with Transaction - if applicable 


  • CERTIFICATE OF EMPLOYMENT MUST BE CO-TERMINUS WITH THE PAYSLIP. All the terms,compensation breakdowns and numbers indicated in your payslip must also appear in your Certificate Of Employment as CenQhomes Development Corporation standards.
  • After you complete all of these requirements, you can submit it to your broker/agent and they will be the one to submit it to our developer, CenQHomes Development Corporation. The developer will evaluate your requirements; if the developer is satisfied, you can now reserve your desired House Unit. Reservation is a "First come, first serve basis". The earlier you can complete and submit the required documents, the earlier your documents will be evaluated by CenQhomes evaluators, and if approved by CenQhomes Development Corporationthe earlier you can reserve. Once you reserved your desired unit, you can now start paying for your equity.


  • Reservation fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • The total reservation fee for Micah Single Attached and Eloisa Single Attached is Php 10,000.00
  • The total reservation fee for Hanna Single AttachedOlivia Single AttachedSamantha Single Attached is Php 15,000.00
  •  Interest rate is fixed for 3 years. New Interest rate shall be based on PAG-IBIG repricing rate.
  • Final loan computation is subject to change based on final loan approval of HDMF.
  • CenQHomes Development Corporation reserves the right to change/alter any errors in their pricelist.